Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pirates, Ye be Warned

It's fitting that the state legislature is meeting today, Talk Like A Pirate Day, to discussn the "tax cut."

Because what they are doing is pillaging the school system.

They claim that Utah has a "Surplus." However, a surplus is what you have after you have met all of your needs.

If we have classrooms with fewer desks than children, our needs are not met.

If we have children without access to preventative medicine, our needs are not met.

If we have roads in such disrepair that we need "emergency" fixes, our needs are not met.

If we only have half the voting machines we had two years ago because that's all we can afford, our needs are not met.

So, to the Pirates meeting on the hill today: Be Ye Warned that we, the people of the state of Utah will not settle for this gross injustice you have put upon us.


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