Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Because He's The President

One of the few non-political blogs I read is called Amidst the Delirium, written by an LDS "Young Single Sister" who works for the Church.

Oh, and she's one of those darn liberals.

Anyway, she had a great post the other day about supporting the President.

The other two girls, though, said that we should support him because he's the president...if for no other reason than the fact he is who he is. So, I guess that it's our job to get behind whoever is in charge, eh? What about Bill Clinton? I don't think the Republicans would agree that just because he was president, we were obligated to support him. So apparently being an aggressor in a foreign country and causing the death of innocent civilians and the tearing apart of soldier and civilian families is fine when it comes to morality and ethics, but what Pres. Clinton did in his personal life was just all-out horrid and reprehensible. Right. This, my friends, is part of the reason why Republicans drive me so bananas and the tunnel-vision of many of the people I know out here in Utah is equally as frustrating. Wrong is wrong, no matter who is committing it...whether it be your beloved warmongering president or my beloved whoremongering president.

The whole post is a great read.


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