Wednesday, September 06, 2006

LiveBlogging Pete Ashodwn at Democracy for Utah

I'm at the Democracy for Utah monthly event at the Salt Lake Library, listening to Pete Ashdown speak. This is a rough notetaking. For most names, I've used initials. You should be able to figure it out.

I had the opportunity to introduce Pete. I used my May 10, 1976 Orrin Hatch quote.

Pete Ashdown

-PA saw an opportunity last week to highlight that OH was the last politician in UT to need a $500,000 fundraiser/30-minute free advertisement on all TV stations.

-Call local station about free time for PA in exchange for GWB/OH event at Grand America.

-Send endorsements to DFA.

-PA received no help from DFA, DNC, and DSCC.

-Still disappointed in Democratic Party Strategies.

-More transparency/collaboration

-“What does the Constitution Protect?” Third Pillar of campaign.

-“Abortion for contraception is abhorrent” but there is some liberty that needs to be there.

-The debate on Iraq has not moved in a year.

-Leave the Democratic Party in a [place where we can lead, not just follow the Republicans. Let’s get away from the attitude of “Let’s let the Republicans screw up enough to sweep us in.”

-Ask Orrin fans about his leadership. What specifically has he done to help Utahns?

-OH is spending time making silly statements to the media but isn’t helping get things done.

-The economy is great, but our debt is terrible. Both congress’s and consumer debt.

-What are doing to inspire tomorrows generation today?

-If OH wins the race, PA will be back. “I’m in this for life.” I’m committed to changing the system for life.

-Government should not be consulting with lobbyists or consultants, but with citizens.

-We’re operating on Democracy……., we need to operate on Democracy 2.0.

-We should not be buying oil from Iran or Saudi Arabia.

-$6 per American for public financing of campaigns vs $200/American for pork.

-There are a high number of hits to from the state capitol building.

-The only type of scandal that Utah seems to be infatuated with is a sexual scandal.

-Federal office is where I belong, and I will continue to do this until I win.

-As much as we may disagree with Jim Matheson, he serves Democratic Ideals more than John Swallow would have.

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