Monday, September 11, 2006

My Path of 9/11, Part III ~ From then until now

So, how have I changed because of 9/11? What lessons have I learned.

I've learned not to be afraid. The point of terrorism is to make people afraid. I refuse to allow them to win. Does that mean I'm ingoring the threat? No. It just means that it will happen when it happens. A driver could have a heart attack, swerve off the road, and kill me while I was getting the paper tomorrow. A student could open fire in my classroom next Tuesday. Someone could detonate a bomb in the Delta Center in December. Or, I could live annother 80 years. You just never know. Therefore, why be afraid?

That being said, we need to track down terrorists. Remember when George W Bush talked about the old west posters "Wanted:Dead or Alive?" And guess what? That person who we wanted dead or alive is still out there. And unless he is driving with expired licence plates in North Las Vegas, we aren't going to find him any time soon.

Because we are at war with Iraq, we have always been at war with Iraq.


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