Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Orrin2006, Part III ~ Abortion

[America] should also be a place where the government recognizes that taking an innocent life is wrong, morally, ethically, and legally [sic].

Except for in times of war. Or if someone gets hurt from exploding computers.

Tragically, over three decades ago, the Supreme Court invented a right to abortion in the U.S. Constitution. The legal reasoning behind Roe v. Wade, wherein the Supreme Court miraculously discovered this unseen tight where none had been before, was fundamentally flawed.

Actually, they didn't invent a right to abortion. They invented the right to privacy. If that right was wrongly invented, then when was the last time you had sex, and with whom?

It reflects the change our country faces: a judiciary that, all too often, is eager to overstep its bounds and legislate from the bench.

As opposed to what the Senate does, which is to issue judicial rulings from the floor.

There are only two ways to correct this outrageous decision that did so much to devalue the sanctity of human life. One is to enact a law that overturns Roe v Wade....

See Previous Comment.

...And now, we finally have hope that the tide is begining to turn in the right direction. I want to continue that momentum. I will continue my efforts to encourage a culture of life and to protect the unborn.

But, screw you if you are not the unborn.


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