Friday, September 22, 2006

Signs, Signs, everywhere there's signs

I was talking to my frind "B" the other day. (Names have been changed to protect identities.) B works for several Republican candidates, and has for several years now.

He related to me a story about 2004. His candidate, Mark Crockett, had several signs get knocked down. He made several phone calls to the Dina Blaes campaign, threatening to steal all of her signs if the signs kept getting knocked down. Dina's signs disappeared one night, prompting a call to B. B made an agreement that if Mark's signs stay up for 72 hours, Dina's signs would be returned. The signs stayed up, Dina got her signs back, and everything stayed civil.

I suspect B is the person who called Rob Miller (they used to work together) and threatened the life of all Democrats' yeard signs.

Please do not knock down yard signs. It is vandalism.

However, taking yard signs placed on private property is theft.

Signs placed illegally is called littering. Stay tuned for details on the Bob Aagard adopt-a-fence program.



Rob said...

You know B, Bob?


Bob said...

B was in my ward, and still comes around once in a while.