Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Christian Burridge reprints a letter to the editor from the Deseret News about teachers:

...Of my six classes, five exceed 40 students. I've no doubt someone else out there in Utah's public schools can top me.
I'm not sure why we Utahns are putting up with these grievous circumstances. We say we want smaller classes. We say we're willing to pay more taxes to get them. We recognize that too many students means kids don't get the attention and help they need. And yet, each year, it's the same situation. I already know who is not listening to us. What I want to know is, who will?

In other words, the Republicans are to blame for the education problems in Utah, but the Democrats haven't seemed to step up.

Talking about education, large class sizes, etc. is not enough. We need a plan for how to fix the problems.

I'm sure if you sat down with parents, and showed them how much better their children's education could be with you in charge, they'd be willing to vote for you.


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