Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Keeping our schools safe

With the recent spate of shootings inside of schools lately, the question comes up: How can we keep our schools safe?

The answer is that no matter what precautions we put in place, schools will never be completely safe.

Security Cameras are more effective in seeing the aftermath of an event than prenting one.

Armed cops are a nice idea, but largely ineffective against large-scale plots, or when the shooter already has hostages. Columbine had an armed officer who exchanged fire with the shooters.

Metal detectors are too time consuming and aren't 100% effective.

having some sort of badge that you have to scan at the doors to get in won't work, because the door wil;l just get held open for people anyway.

RFID tags and other crap the TV people are talking about just aren't technologically feasable.

However, I can tell you one, simple, cheap solution that probably would have prevented last week's shooting in COlorado and maybe the others, too.

If you are an administrator, teacher, or other school employee, and you see someone you don't know that doesn't have a badge, stop and ask them who they are.

I am a substitute teacher. I had a badge issued to me when I started, but I lost the badge over a year ago. The last time I got challenged was when I was wearing the badge. Many times, I've never been to the school. Most of the time, there's only a few employees who have even met me as a sub. Most of those work in the office.

I can see how easy it would be for someone to walk in and cause some harm.


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