Thursday, October 05, 2006

Endorsement: None of the Above in UT-02

One of my favorite movies is Brewster's Millions, starring Richard Pryor and John Candy. In the movie, Montgomery Brewster (Pryor) inherits $30 Million dollars from an uncle. However, if he can spend every penny of that $30 Million in 30 days, he gets $300 Million. The catches are that he can't tell anyone, and he has to end the 30 days with nothing but the clothes on his back. The last day happens to be the day after election day, so he buys his way into the New York Mayor's race. However, since he can't win or risk forfiting the $300 Million, he encourages everyone to vote "None of the Above." The reasoning is that all the candidates are crooks. In the end, "None of the Above" wins. If only that could happen in reality.

In the race for Utah's second congressional district, I will not be touching anybody's name next month. Jim Matheson has proven that he is not doing what is good for Utah. I fully respect his votes on issues such as Abortion and Marriage, as he is doing the will of his constituents. However, while he talks a big game on fiscal conservatism, he is anything but a fiscal conservative. By voting with the Cedit Card Republicans on budget issues, he has contributed to the national debt he rails against. Sure, he gets points for donating his pay raises to carity, but he could do so much more.

The final straw was his vote last week for the torure bill. A man who is so willing to put the constitution in the paper shredder does not get my endorsement, nor my vote.

LaVarr Christensen does not get my vote either, because he has proven that he will be even worse than Matheson. He'll go to the right of Jim on Abortion and Marriage, and will continue to tax your grandchildren to spend money today. His entire campaign is based on the fact that he would vote for Republican leadership while Matheson will vote for Democratic Leadership. Given the way the current house leadership runs things right now, that isn't exacly a reason to vote for Chirstensen.

The third parties don't leave us much better. Bob Brister's position on everything seems to be to "Get US out of Iraq." Austin Lett wants to disband the government. David Perry has all of the COnstitution Party's problems with combining God and the Constitution.

Montgomery Brewster, even though he's a fictional character, would be a better fit for Utah's Conressional District. America Needs Utah to elect someone with honesty and integrity to the second congressional district. Unfortunately, that is not an option in 2006.



Part of the Plan said...

I feel your pain, Bob. I also don't agree with many of Jim's votes with the Republican majority, but I also understand why he does it...he represents a district that is heavily Republican. I think his pragmatic approach to representing ALL his constituents, as opposed to what we could expect from LaVar who would surely, just like Bishop and Cannon, represent ONLY his Republican constituents, is the one good reason to endorse and support Matheson. Besides, once the Dems retake the House he will be in a good position to support some moderately progressive legislation, stuff that LaVar would automatically vote "Nay" to.

The thing that surprises me is that more card-carrying Democrats like you have not made this an issue before now. With five weeks to go before the election, you folks should circle the wagons around your candidate and make the best of the situation. Refusing to endorse your own party's candidate does not make Matheson more attractive to moderate independents like me.

Bob said...

I like Jim, and I hope that he wins.

However, the lesser of two evils is still evil.

I cannot, I will not, vote for that which is evil. It's like voting whether we should kill "enemy combatants" or just torture them.