Thursday, October 05, 2006

City Creek Center

I like downtown. I enjoy the people watching, mostly.

However, other than the Gateway, or when something is going on at Galavan, there isn't alot to do downtown if you don't do the club scene.

I'm excited over the LDS Church's new plans for the Crossroads and ZCMI Center blocks. I love the idea of green space. I like the mix of Retail and residential, with some additional office space thrown into the mix. I love the grocery store (I've long thought that you could make good money running a convenience store at Gateway). However, there are some concerns I have.

Resist the temptation to Put cars on the "recovered" Regent Street, Richards Street, or Social Hall Avenue. That is one thing that drives me crazy about Gateway.

The other thing I hate about gateway is smoking. As private proerty, ban smoking in (on?) the mall. I don't need to kill myself with your cigarette smoke while I am killing myself with a Hot Dog on a Stick and a Blizzard. If I'm going to kill myself, I'll get pleasure out of it.

More information on City Creek Center.


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