Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mitt Romney in the Blogosphere

There are the Texans for Mitt, the Tennesseeans for Mitt, the Iowans for Mitt. Then there are the Evangelicals for Mitt, the Catholics for Mitt and the Law Students for Mitt.
Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney isn't a declared candidate for president yet, but already several Web logs, or blogs, are sprouting up to promote the Republican for the White House in 2008. (Salt Lake Tribune, October 3, 2006)

The problem is, this type of thing isn't new. It was started by Howard Dean in 2003.

You had Dean for Utah, Dean for Los Angeles, Mormons for Dean, Dykes for Dean, Punx for Dean, Students for Dean, etc. etc.

It was an, effective, powerful way to get the message out.

However, the popular "local" news story of the past couple of days wouldn't be if it were any other candidate than Mitt Romney.

He was in Utah for a couple of years to do a job, and kept his residency in annother state while he was here. He got out of here as soon as that job was done. He is not a Utahn, he never was a Utahn, never will be a Utahn.

What's next? Are we going to adopt Jim McMahon as a Utah Quarterback?


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Anonymous said...

"Utahns for Larry Miller."

After all, you know this guy, and we all know that you need sharp elbows when you're inside the Beltway.

I think I'll start a blog for this.