Monday, October 02, 2006

Mitt Romney

From today's Utah Policy Blog Watch:

Bob Aagard is unhappy with UPD's wall-to-wall coverage of Mitt Romney news... In an interview with Article VI Blog, Mormon filmmaker and Mitt Romney supporter Mitch Davis, the creator, says of Gov. Huntsman's presidential endorsement of Sen. John McCain: "[W]hat is [McCain] really trying to do? That's the question. What, I think it's clear that what he is trying to do is split the Mormon -- not split the Mormon vote, but, but torpedo Mitt's candidacy a little bit in terms of taking some of the momentum he might get out of his Mormon core.

The wrapup continues, then is followed by 7 more links to Mitt Romney posts.

Further proving that Webb is obsesed with Mitt.

Mitt can't win. If his Mormonism doesn't come back to bite him, his moving veiws will bite him in the behind sometime between now and November 2008.

My Point behind this is that Utah Policy Daily needs to concentrate on actual Utah politicians. That's why we read it.


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