Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rep Alexander and morals

Paul Rolly has a post on his blog this evening that says that Utah House Majority Leader Jeff Alexander is going to resign from the legislature a month before election day.

However, one would assume he will keep his name on the ballot. That way, when he gets "reelected" he can resign for real, and allow the Republicans to keep the seat.

Which is just plain dirty politics, which does nothing but turn poeple off to the process.



Anonymous said...

1. You're assuming, and condemning based on your assumptions. Bad form. It turns people off to the process.

2. If Dems, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Greens, PCs or Independents had bothered to field a candidate against him there might be something to complain about. Rep. Alexander is/was running unopposed.

Bob said...

I only assumed that he was waiting a month to resign. It's a safe assumption, because quiting immediatly is pointless.

However, I was unaware that Alexander was running unopposed. Annother good example of why we need candidates in every race.