Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sherrie Swensen

Anonymous posted to my blog again, and again I must respond.

The comment was to this post about Joe Jarvis not being able to use the name Joe on the ballot.

There was one part of the comment that really got to me:

And by the way Bob. Are you THAT forgiving of Sherrie? Do you really think that the way she runs that office represents your morals and values? If you recall that office has seen sexual harassment litigation, retaliation against employees, investigations of cronyistm/neptosim, and improper hiring practices.

No, I am NOT that forgiving of Sherrie. I agreed with her on this one point. Not in general, but this one point.

I included her on the list of Republican Boogeymen. However, as frequent readers of my blog know, I have been critical of many members of that list myself.

Just because I agree with someone once doesn't mean I agree with them 100% of the time.

Because that would make me a Republican.



Shaun said...

Never trust anonymous. Heck, next thing you know anonymous will be telling people that I live in your basement!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

I'm back. And Shaun, please don't make me answer that question. Your profile and picture says it all.

But back to Sherrie. Lets don't give her any slack. I witness the way she destroyed that office with partisanship. Did you know that she would make us give the Democrats files that were normally kept under lock and key? Its true! And whenever anyone from the Republican party came calling, we would have to take 10 times as long to give them anything. She would even tell us were weren't allowed to "speak" to some them. They didn't like it very much when I asked to get that order in writing!

It wasn't right, thats all.

Ok, its obvious I'm not happy after working for her. Who could be? Atleast I wasn't one of the TWO girls who were sexually harassed by her appointed Chief Administrator, Nick Floros. Good thing he was allowed to quitely retire by Mr. Fancy Pants David Yocum.

Oh and yes, things got much better when his goofball Jason Yocum was made his cronyism replacement. What a hack!

Ok, I'm done for now. Have fun on election night. I'll be sharpening my claws.

Any questions you have for me, just let me know.


Anonymous said...

Bob, you the man!

Can you image how that office would be run by Carrie?

Democrats need not apply!