Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How I Voted

I'm all for a secret ballot, but in honor of full disclosure, I have decided to willfully declare who i voted for, and why, in some cases. This was the most partisan (one-sided) I've ever voted...

U.S. Senate: Pete Ashdown (you're surprised?)
U.S. House: Bob Aagard (I morally couldn't vote for Jim Matheson, LaVar "Republican" Christensen didn't sell me, nor did any third party candidates)
State Senate: Pat Jones
State Representative: Susan Lawrence (Her views on many things, like education, are closer to my views than Phil. Besides, he hasn't returned any of my e-mails, something Susan always does.)
County Council At-Large: Jim Bradley
County Assessor: Josie Valdez
District Attorney: Sim Gill
County Auditor: Jeff Hatch
County Clerk: Charles Bonsall (Carrie Dickson is right: Sherrie Swenson needs to go. However, Carrie is not the answer, as this video from Shaun (shot by me) shows Rampant partisanship needs to be removed from this position)
County Recorder: Leslie Reberg
County Sheriff: Jim Winder
County Surveyor: Shaun Kruger (I had to vote for somebody...)
County Treasurer: Billie Larson
Judges: Except for the following, I left the rest blank:
Ann Boyden: YES (she is the wife of a former Bishop of mine from long ago, and a swell lady).
Leslie Lewis: NO (she's pretty much a creep)
Charles D Behrens: YES (Someone in my extended network has had dealings with this judge, and really liked him).
Amendment 1: YES
Proposition 1: NO (is our interest rate really better than inflation/land price fluctuation?)
Proposition 2: NO (didn't we vote on this same thing 4-6 years ago?)
Proposition 3: NO (For all I know, we're going to pave my street with gold bricks with the money)

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Shaun said...

Hey no peeking! Are you sure you didn't just copy my ballot? It's the same except for 3 items...

No, we needn't discuss what they are...