Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Unhappy With Hatch? Vote Ashdown.

At SLCSpin, Ethan talks about all the Republicans he hears who are unhappy with Orrin Hatch. That prompted this comment from pramahaphil:

"Despite my inability to reconcile my sociopolitical views to Ashdown's platform, I have committed myself to vote Ashdown. As in the words of my father-in-law, "it is the only message that I can send to Hatch." Although I agree with Pete Ashdown on a very limited number of issues, I believe he will be a true representative of Utah and not only his political party. Hatch has long since trashed his connections to his constituents for highly visible party leadership positions. Hatch, you have had a impressive career, but lets be honest, everything has to do with you and your political visibility."

Even though I was not working at the time, and all knowledge I have of the event comes from me being a paid guest that night, I can neither confirm or deny that Orrin Hatch was resoundly booed at Saturday Night's Jazz Game.


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