Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 Awards

OK, it's time, folks. The 2006 TWATM Awards Ceremony.

Maybe by next year, I'll come up with a name for the awards...

Best Local Blog
: This was a difficult one. No one blog stood out to me. However, the one I have most enjoyed this year is tales of wit and charm. An Honorable Mention goes to Obiter Dicta by Steve, partly for his appearance on BBCRadio.

Newest Internet Addiction: YouTube. Whether it's Serious or fun, YouTube is the place to go. Besides, posting videos is easy as pie.

Best Geek Moment: This one is the toughest around. But, the winner isn't meeting fellow bloggers, introducing myself as a blogger, or anything like that. It was liveblogging at the Relay for Life event this summer from Gallavan Plaza at 3:00 AM. There are people in my Ward who give me much higher geek credentials than I deserve.

Best Moment on My Blog: This Award (really more of a shout out) Goes to a certain civics class at Taylorsville High School. During a current-events discussion, someone cited The World, According to Me as their source.

Politician of the Year: Mark Crockett. This Salt Lake County Councilman came above and beyond the call of duty, jumping party lines to be against the RSL Stadium. This, in addition to other things, increased my opinion of him the most this year.

The reason Pete Corroon didn't get it is that I would have been shocked if he took a different position, but I give him and Jenny Wilson honorable mentions in this category.

Pete Ashdown would also get an honorable mention, but I still hate to think of him as a politician.


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