Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ReAL Crazy Bookeeping

ReAL Salt Lake hired Harold Hill to do their long-range financial plan.

I'm not an economics expert, but I am a sports fan. I know a bit about attendance at sporting events and concerts, as well as ticket prices. These numbers just don't make sense to me.

-71% increase in attendance from 2006-2013. Maybe if they win the championship a few times in that span. And make the playoffs every year from now till then.

-82% increase in ticket prices. This one will kill them. Supply and demand works for ticket prices just like everything else. Unless they see an increase in attendance higher than they are projecting, they are not going to be able to charge those prices.

-20 concerts a year. That's slightly higher than what the Energy Solutions Arena gets in a year. And they can have concerts year-round. At an outdoor stadium, you're limited to about 7 months of concert weather (if you're lucky). Don't forget that you have to schedule those concert dates in amongst soccer games.

-17,000+ per concert. ESA holds about 13-15,000 per end-stage concert. We very rarely fill all those seats. Unless Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and U2 fill those 20 dates a year, it ain't happening.


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