Monday, December 11, 2006

It's called research

Back in 2004, Shaun was running for County Council, with me as his campaign secretary. We wrote a press release, sent it to both daily newspapers in town, and waited to see how it worked out.

The Deseret News ignored it. The Tribune used it in a story. Actually, they used it so much that I could have filed a plagarism suit. Most of the article was word-for-word what I had written.

Ever since then, I have looked at newspaper reporting with a skeptical eye.

However, the latest "report" from the DNews has me banging my head against the keyboard.

According to Utah Democrats blog, the DNews reported that Pete Ashdown had spent $45,825 on campaign 2006 and Christian Burridge spent a whopping $7,002.

Problem is, those were the numbers leading up to the convention in May. Six months before the election.

Utah Democrats points out that Burridge's numbers, found in 10 seconds at, were more like $47,000.

Even if you didn't know that you could find the infor at the FEC website, Google works nicely...


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