Friday, January 05, 2007

BREAKING: Mitt Romney Fundraiser

[UPDATE: 1/6/07 9:55 AM: I found out the fundraiser is on Monday in Boston.]

So, a mole with ties to the Mitt Romney camp informs me that people from Utah are flying to Mass to kick off the fundraising season.

That got me thinking: Why fly back east to give Mitt your $2000 check?

Shaun says it could be a show of force. TV cameras just love a large group of diverse people.

However, the people I know who are going are not going to help in the diversity department. Rich, White, Republican, and Mormon.

Anywho, watch for it on the news this weekend. Well, the Utah news at least. They're the only ones paying attention to Mitt's campaign right now.


P.S. I will announce a new Mitt Romney project sometime in the next week or two. Some of you know about it already. Watch Here for details.


DemsForRomney said...

Utah isn't the only state paying attention. In Massachusetts we have created Dems For Romney in support of Mitt's courageous run for president!

J Thomas said...

Hey... did you know that you can get your own Fundraiser ID for Mitt and get credit for bringing in donations? Mind you there's no "cut" or "percentage" but you do get recognition... AND your help elect Mitt... which IMHO is a good thing.