Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Clarification About Blog Locally

I felt it neccessary to comment about and clarify something I said in a post yesterday.

Part of the post came from an email I recieved from someone who had sent it out to many people. He was advertising his blog, calling it "The Premier, Balanced Blog About Utah Politics."

It was less Utah than Mitt Romney. Less fair and balanced than Fox News.

And, they're not the only blog that claims Utah politics, "Utah Issues," so to speak, but run more national than local.

And, they usually espouse the same comments the larger, national, blogs have.

I have no problem with blogs like Part of the Plan. Ed has a unique point of view, and I value that. In fact, PotP is one of the first blogs I read.



Davis Didjeridu said...

I was one of the unlucky few not to receive that email. What blog was this?

Part of the Plan said...

Thanks Bob. I didn't take it personally...I also understood your point. Keep up the good work.