Friday, January 19, 2007

Orrin Objects

The Utah Amicus reports that Orrin Hatch objected to the US Senate's ethics bill, passed by the Democrats.

I wonder which reform issue(s) Orrin had a problem with?

* Bar lawmakers from accepting gifts and travel and lodging paid for by lobbyists.
* Extend from one to two years the time a former member must wait before he can engage in lobbying activities.
* Deny pensions to lawmakers convicted of serious crimes.
* Require more reporting by lobbyists on their activities.
* Require public disclosure of those home-state projects.
* Require senators hitching rides on private jets to pay full charter rates rather than the current practice of paying the far cheaper equivalent of a first class ticket.
* Require reporting by lobbyists who obtain small donations from clients and then "bundle" them into larger contributions to politicians.
* Prevent spouses of sitting members from lobbying the Senate.

There's so many words in there that Orrin objects to.

-Deny pensions
-pay full price
-small donations
-preventing spouses (that's the husband's job)

Word has it that Orrin also had an objection to the word "bundle," until someone told him it wasn't a gay thing.

Oh, and Orrin was one of two (2) Senators that voted against it.


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