Thursday, January 04, 2007

The importance of being a blogger

When I was giving out my end-of-the-year-awards, I failed to miss one, which Ethan pointed out to everyone on his blog.

Back in June, I wrote a piece about Greg Curtis being bought by Bryson Garbett, who at the time was running in a Primary for Senate District 9.

As Ethan points out, Greg Curtis only won by 20 votes.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to point out something that happened in the Greg Curtis race that I somehow forgot to mention until now.

My friend Joe was approached by someone in his ward On Sunday October 30 about doing a lit drop, and getting paid for it. Since this ward member was a volunteer (may have been a paid staffer) for the Sandy Thackery campaign which Joe supported, he assumed it would be for Thackery, and in his neighborhood.

Instead, they drove them out to Curtis's district to do a lit drop. The materials didn't have any one else's name (like LaVarr Christensen) on them.

I'm sure the paid lit drop helped get those extra 20 votes.


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