Thursday, January 11, 2007

Iraq: Bring it all, or go home

President Bush wants to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq.

Actually, they're just going to Baghdad.

That's about 1000 more people than at Tuesday night's Jazz game, including staff and press.

But it's either too many to send, or not enough.

Let's face it, Iraq is so screwed up that words can't describe how screwed it is.

It's a combination of screwed up, FUBAR, and Plutoed all in one.

21500 troops (about half of the entire NYPD) is not enough to get the job done. At that rate, we're just sticking more people in front of a speeding locamotive to die.

The only way to get things done in Iraq is to either double the troops in country, or get out.

Then, we can get back to that bin Laden guy.


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