Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Buttars: Anything I can't do, you can't do better...

More proof that some legislators aren't paying attention, even when they are the ones talking. From Out of Context:

During debate Tuesday of legislation that would end lawmakers' and the governor's oversight of EnergySolutions' application to nearly double the company's Tooele County radioactive waste landfill, West Jordan Republican Sen. Chris Buttars pulled out the tried-and-true line that usually makes conservative lawmakers wilt.

"What you're talking about is becoming the super school board for the schools, trying to decide what kind of pencils they will buy," Buttars said.

Probably not the most apt analogy, considering Buttars' efforts to micromanage Utah's schools. Remember the evolution bill? The gay clubs ban? Buttars' bill to require schools to allow students to wear CTR t-shirts?

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