Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Republicans: The Anti-Life Party

The Utah Legislature stopped caring about my nephew on December 20 sometime around 5 PM.

That was when he was born.

Here is what the legislature has done for him in his first session in Utah (including bills that will probably pass):

~Lessened the ability for his parents to get him a free quality education.
~Spent Millions on a soccer stadium for a team that probably won't be around when he is as old as the team's youngest player.
~Planned to spend millions on a lawsuit that will go all the way to the Supreme Court, and Utah will lose anyway.
~Prevented funding for a vaccine that stops cancer. Because apparently cancer is a better way to die than Abortion).
~Made his schools' principals the supreme decider over whats morally acceptable.
~Made it so that a hazardous waste disposal company can expand without the permission of the local County government, the Legislature, or the Governor. Yet, I still need to check with them before I can get married.