Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Case Against Al Gore

I find it interesting how many people are talking about jumping on the Al Gore bandwagon should he declare himself in the race for President.

I think that is the stupidest thing since The 1/2 Hour News Hour. W could probably beat him. (You laugh, but he beat Kerry.)

He's still got the CLinton stain on him. Always will. 7 years later, and he's still got stuff like inventing the internet hanging around his neck. And now he can really be painted as a Hollywood Liberal.

Let's not forget that while he has shown more charisma the past 6 years, he's still boring as ever. I haven't seen his movie because I can't stay awake during the trailer. A Gore vs Romney debate would rid this country of insomnia forever.

People point to things like his Vietnam experience. Because that's helped the Democratic candidate so much the past two elections.

No, I'm not sold on President Al Gore. And I never will be.



Justin said...

He seems to be a smart guy, and intelligence might finally have some weight in '08. I think the country (except for the Evangelicals and Utah) has begun to see the need to stop electing idiots.

Part of the Plan said...

No need to worry, he won't run again. He hasn't the stomach (pardon the pun). Besides, if he did run, he would not be the candidate. Too much bad blood between him and the DNC. But if he did run, and he was the candidate, I would vote for him, no matter who the GOP candidate was. BTW I pity the poor SOB Dem who wins in 2008...what a mess s/he will have to clean up. Of historic, even epic, proportions.

Anonymous said...

wow, justin is so low. he has to put down others and belittle them only to make him feel like he triumphed somehow...it just shows lack of maturity... grow up and use facts to support your side, cause the points you brought up werent valid at all