Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Marketing OOPS!

OK, so you've heard all the rumors of dirty things in Disney films. I believe that, at least the rumors, have been pushed by the Disney people as a marketing tool. Look how many people spend way too much time watching The Lion King when they could be doing something else.

I feel like this little oops is not really an oops, but a way to sucker people into buying more baseball cards, an industry that is stagnating right now:

It's hard to Topps this one: The card company has issued a Derek Jeter baseball card with a smiling President Bush in the stands.

But there's something very wrong with that picture: Bush wasn't really at the game that day.

A not-so-careful analysis of the card makes it clear that Bush was digitally superimposed - his right arm extended in a waving motion and his left arm seemingly missing.

The mischievous elves at Topps then played another version of Where's Waldo - sticking a picture of Mickey Mantle in the dugout. (New York Daily News)

The sad thing is, it's a horrendous Photoshop job. Bush is standing up, waving to the camera, and magically in focus while everyone sitting "around" him is out of focus.


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