Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Did You Hear?

So, I was on the bus last week, and heard part of an interesting conversation. Three boys, late teens to very early twenties were talking about what was going on. Two of the boys started talking about Brittney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith. The third boy suddenly burst in with the following line, said only half-sarcastically"

"Hey, did you hear there is like a war or something going on? Crazy, huh?"

That pretty much concluded current conversation.

So, for those of you who have been paying a little too much attention to the cable news channels, here's an update on the current state of things:

~There are two wars going on right now
~The first war, which has been going on for 1969 days, is in a country called Afghanistan. We started this war because an organization based in this country attacked us. We overthrew their government and installed our own "democratically" elected government. The leaders of the group that attacked us are still alive somewhere, and they are believed to still be in Afghanistan. The government we placed there only controls a portion of the country. The rest is controlled by factions of the old government.
~The second war is in a country called Iraq. It has been going on for 1441 days. We started that war because the leader of the country had Weapons of Mass Distruction. We have captured and killed the leader, installed a democratically elected government, and have not found any evidence of Weapons of Mass Distruction. We are now told that we are in the war for two reasons. One is that terrorists are still in the country, despite the fact that they weren't there before we got there. The second is to prevent a civil war from breaking out. Because two groups battling each other from the same country apparently is not a civil war. We are also told that we are there to decrease violence. However, violence is increasing.
~There are rumors of a third war that we are preparing for. This one would be with a country called Iran. Iran is next to Iraq, and is bigger and has better weapons than Iraq had.
~The last terrorist attack to happen on American soil was when someone mail Anthrax to several media outlets and members of COngress. We still have not figured out who did it.
~Anna Nicole Smith is still dead. Brittney Spears is still crazy, and always has been. Barack Obama is still Black, Mitt Romney is still Mormon, and I'm pretty sure Hillary Clinton is not only still a woman, but still the former first lady.


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Priorities, priorities.