Monday, February 26, 2007

Weird Google Searches

I'm always amazed at the unusual things that people search for that lead them to my blog. I get several hits from various versions of a South Park song (Loo Loo Loo, I've got some apples....). I also get several hits for nutcake, Mitt Romney, Holly Mullen, and Bob Aagard.

However, here are some others weird ones from the past week:

Tues, Feb 20: barack obama mormon
Tues, Feb 20: Obama mormon?
Friday, Feb 23: Condi Raps
Friday, Feb 23: teachers utah aagard
Friday, Feb 23: Holladay Young Single Adult
Sunday, Feb 25: 10th article of faith
Sunday, Feb 25: can you take shampoo on a plane

1 comment:

sarahbellum said...

You caught me. I found your blog not through DDR as you thought, but because I was searching for a "Holladay Young Single Adult". How do you think I find my dates?

Speaking of DDR, yell a hello down the basement for me when you have a minute.