Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mitt Not 1st Mormon Presidental Candidate

From Politics1:

What's with all the "Is America ready for a Mormon Presidential candidate?" question and all the JFK comparisons. Umm ... correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Romney's dad -- Michigan Governor George Romney (R) -- in 1968 the first major Mormon candidate for President? He even started that race as an early frontrunner. And, even if you discount the '68 Romney run because his campaign flamed-out early over some gaffes, then wouldn't the 1976 run by Congressman Mo Udall (D) count as the Mormon trailblazer on the campaign trail? He made it through nearly the entire primary season and finished second behind Carter. "I'm a one-eyed Mormon Democrat from conservative Arizona, and you can't have a higher handicap than that," frequently quipped Udall during the '76 race. Then there was Senator Orrin Hatch's run in 2000. So ... what's with everyone making such a big deal over Romney being the fourth Mormon to make a major run for the White House?.

Plus, Joseph Smith Jr ran for the Presidency at one point.....


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