Tuesday, February 20, 2007

President 2008: How Utahns Think Right Now

Polling by American Research Group, Inc. Polls taken on February 14, 2007.

Likely Republican Primary Voters:
Romney: 40%
McCain: 21%
Undecided: 15%
Giuliani: 13%
Gingrich: 6%
Hagel: 3%
Thompson: 2%
Hunter: 1%
Brownback: 1%
Gilmore, Hackabee, Pataki, Paul, and Tancredo: 0%

I'm surprised that Mitt's numbers are so low. You'd think by listening to the local media that he would be at 90% and slipping. Among people who identified themselves as Republicans, Romney Leads McCain 45-16. McCain Leads among Independents voting in the Republican Primary 38-21 over Romney.

Likely Democratic Primary Voters:
Clinton: 31%
Undecided: 20%
Obama: 18%
Vilsack: 16%
Edwards: 9%
Dodd: 3%
Biden: 2%
Kucinich: 1%
Richardson: 1%
Gravel: 0%

Among those who called themselves Democrats, Clinton leads Vilsack and Obama 32-17-15. Among Independents likely to vote in the Democratic Primary, it's Clinton-Obama-Vilsack at 21-18-16.


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Anonymous said...

Romney has a lot of problems.
1. Bad disapproval ratings coming out MA.
2. Bad Name ID nationally.
3. Flip Flopper on Abortion and Gay Marriage.
4. Prominent Mormon Utahns do not support him. Huntsman and Shurtliff support McCain.
5. Dealing with bigotted right wing evangelical anti-mormons that control GOP.

Mitt will go the way of Orrin Hatch and Gary Bauer. He will be out of the race a little over a year from now. He is a waste of all the money he will suck out of donors in Utah.