Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Trolley Square

I got home from a Ward activity last night about 10. I had left the house at 5:30, just before the shooting began.

I had not heard about it until it came on the 10:00 news.

I immediately took mental stock of those I care about. Many of my friends were assumably at the Jazz game, and many more were with me at my activity.

However, I know so many people, that it is impossible to account for everybody.

Sarah (tales of wit and charm) was just getting to Trolley when people started running out. A coworker was probably one of those people who almost trampled her. Annother coworker's husband was one of the Sherriff's Deputies that ran inside.

This is an event that touches every one of us in Salt Lake. If you weren't there, chances are you either know someone who was, or knows someone who knows someone.

I was going to write a piece looking at the story with the view of both sides of the gun control issue. However, I think I'll save that until annother day.


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