Tuesday, March 20, 2007

BREAKING! Ronald Reagan Lives!

This is huge, folks! Former President of the United States Ronald Reagan has risen from the grave! He has even come out in support of school vouchers! Not the verb usage in the following quote:

School choice is supported by the likes of Gov.
Huntsman, Pres. Bush, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani,
John McCain, and former Pres. Ronald Reagan. (source: Parents for Choice in Education flyer)

There might be hope for Anna Nicole Smith yet!


P.S. I'll get into a more in-depth review of how bad the PCE flyer is later. It's going to require a bit of research....

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Anonymous said...

Your world must be pretty small, interestingly enough if you actually took some time to step outside your world and do some actual research that was not slanted or skewed by the UEA or PTA you might find some shocking results, but I understand living in your world is much easier this way...you don't have to think for yourself, it sure would save me a lot of time!