Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Post 750: Why I decided to do Black Monday

About a week ago, I thought about the war. I thought about what I could do, in my little corner of the world, to pay tribute.

I thought about launching a large commentary about how I have gone from full support of the war to figuring that while we're there, we might as well get the job done to realizing how effed up this whole thing is. However, I decided that March 19 should not be a day for politics. Bush, Hannity, and Rocky have done enough of that.

I thought about going completely black. Running everything in black for a day. Maybe sticking a note in the masthead about it.

That's what I was going to do.

However, on Friday, I ventured over to the icasualties.org web site. I started to read the names of the soldiers who died. I read where they were from and when they died. I decided that I would share this feeling, similar to the feeling I got when I visited the traveling Vietnam Wall a few years ago, with my blog readers.

3205 names is way too many. However, I decided to do 10%. So, I took the list, by state, and picked out every 10th name. Some were from cities I had never heard of. Some were from small towns I had been to or lived in. Some of the dates I can remember just what I was doing. It made my events of those days seem almost trivial.

Many tears were shed over the weekend while I was preparing the tribute. Tears over the men and women who will never have the joy of seeing annother sunrise or sunset again.


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