Thursday, March 08, 2007

Celebrity Deathmatch: Rocky vs. Hannity in SLC?

So, now, this is getting interesting.

Green Jello
listened to Hannity's radio show today hoping that maybe the debate with rocky was to be on the radio. It wasn't, but a caller from Salt Lake was.

The caller stated that KSL was reporting the debate cancelled, and Rocky calling Hannity a chicken. Seems par for the course, since that's exactly what we'd hear if it was Rocky who backed out.

Well, apparently, Hannity took the bait. He announced that he wants to set up a debate right here in SLC with Rocky for charity. Well, I'm sure after he covers his $40,000 in travel expences like he did for the UVSC thing a few years ago. The other problem would be the small amount of time Rocky spends in SLC. But, if the cameras are here, Rocky will be too.

That leads me to wonder....

Who will moderate this debate. It must be someone who does not like one over the other. Since it is impossible to like both men, it will have to be someone who dislikes both men equally. Also, someone who is well known for his ability to be equally fair/unfair to both sides and allow all voices to be heard.

It also needs to be someone who can handle things if an actual Celebrity Deathmatch happens.

So, are you thinking of the same person I'm thinking of?

That's right. I hereby offer my services to moderate the debate between Rocky and Hannity.

That'll be fun.


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Bob, are you going to file?