Thursday, March 08, 2007

Rocky vs Hannity Canceled!

One Utah is reporting that the Rocky vs Hannity matchup I talked about this morning has been canceled.

Cliff says it's cause Hannity is scared. He probably discovered that Rocky isn't the New York Nationals.

I think that Hannity had some real news to cover tonight. Here's a sample of their lineup for tonight's show:

~Anna Nicole Smith was a drugged-out, oversexed, former Playboy Playmate who married an old guy and is now dead. If she wasn't dead, we'd beat her to death.
~Brittney Spears is a drugged-out, oversexed, former #1 pop singer who once was married for 56 hours, and is now in rehab.
~Paris Hilton is a drugged-out, oversexed, um, well, we're not sure what she's really done. Tune in to find out.
~And finally, expert A Lucifer Coulter will stop by to report on a new study that says the mainstream media's attention on celebrities like Anna, Brittney, and Paris are turning our little girls into little Annas, Brittneys, and Parises.
~If we have time, we'll have BREAKING NEWS from the Obama camp: Rumors have it that he's black!



Marshall said...

Anna Nicole Smith is still dead?

Bob said...

That's why they have to report on it tonight...


Frank Staheli said...

Sounds like Hannity was not aware of the scheduling mix-up and has challenged is interlocutor to a verbal duel!

As much as I disagree on some things with Rocky (i.e Global Warming and the IPCC), I appreciate his candor. And if a real debate actually goes down, I think Rocky will win by a mile. At any rate, it will be a healthy dose of education for those who attend, so long as their minds aren't already firmly planted in one camp or the other.