Thursday, March 08, 2007

Golf Vouchers

Hey, Utah Legislators: Why stop at education vouchers?


I enjoy playing golf but can only afford to play on public courses.
I think I could be a better golfer if I played on the expensive, perfectly maintained private courses. It doesn't seem fair that people with more money get to play on the better courses and become better golfers.
Maybe the state should give me a voucher to defray the expense of playing on the private course. In return, I'll agree not to play on the crowded public courses. I think I'll write my legislator.

Kim Stucki

OK, so I know that education and golf are not the same thing, but both ideas are equally rediculous.

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Dumb arse said...

Privitation is king!

Toll Roads, Veteran Hospitals, Swimming Pools, Fitness Clubs!

Give me my VOUCHER!