Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Let's Push Back the Primary

The Third Avenue:

In other depressing wastes of state resources, it seems we will blow $3.5 million on another primary that no one will vote in and the results won't matter. By placing Utah in the "Super Duper Tuesday" date 11 months from now, we pretty much ensure that our state will be ignored. Why come to Utah when Texas, California, Illinios, and Florida are on the same day? Especially for Republicans, who know that Romney will take the state unless he is so out of the running that it will go to the frontrunner.

Both parties have said they will award more delegartes to states that hold their primaries late in the cycle, late march through April. Since we won't get anything out of an early primary held at the same time as everyone else, let's get a few more seats at the table.


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Davis Didjeridu said...

While I agree that Utah is pretty much screwed by having a Feb 5 primary, there is not much we can do. When Florida tried to push up their primary earlier this year, both the RNC and the DNC threatened to nullify the primary and strip power from the delegations. I think both parties would have problem doing the same for Utah. Let's just work to get some recognition this year. Give it a chance. I get the feeling that there will be major changes in the 2012 cycle because the 2008 process has become too front-loaded.