Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Best Legislature Money Can Buy

Bob Van Velkinburg, while speaking of vouchers, has the following to say on The Utah Amicus:

Why would so much money be spent on this voucher issue? It is estimated that almost $500,000 was spent by people and organizations who favor vouchers.

Even more curious is why would an organization based in Wisconsin called "All Children Matter" want to spend $290,000 of their money to support this issue in Utah? Of course this organization is heavily funded by the Wal-Mart and Amway Heirs but what dog do they have in this fight?

Then there is the local Utah organization called "Parents for Choice." They paid back the Republican Party $70,000 for the cost of their dirty tricks flyers. Another $110,000 in direct contributions to their candidates. Parents For Choice PAC shelled out $58,000 to their picked candidates. Another $58,000 to elect their School Board candidates.

So you can see why Utahns can say with some degree of pride, "We have the best Legislators that money can buy." (emphasis mine)

Not only do we have Parents for Choice in Education, who even got their name on the bill, puchaseing our legislatue, we also have Energy Solutions and ReAL Salt Lake paying top dollar to play in the game.

Money is the root of all evil. It has the power to corrupt even the best people.


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