Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pi Day

Today is March 14, the day we celebrate Eli Whitney's patent of the cotton gin in 1794.

OK, so maybe you're not celebrating the cotton gin. However, if the words Eli Whitney and Cotton Gin bring back memories of high school, give yourself 10 points for either being young or having a twisted memory. If it's both, like me, give yourself 20.

The real celebration today is Pi Day. What is Pi? Let's just say that you remember history class much better than math class if you asked that question.

For fear of getting too nerdy (I leave that up to Shaun, who carved the pumpkin pi on the left), let's just say that it makes the world go 'round....

So, eat some pie today. Or, eat at The Pie. Or eat something else that's round....


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