Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mitt-Flop purchasing PACs, White House

Since he is limited as to how much of his own money he can spend on his own campaign to purchase the White House, Mitt Romney is using that money to buy PACs that will support him.

Sunday's New York Times:

Last December, a foundation controlled by Mr. Romney made contributions of $10,000 to $15,000 to each of three Massachusetts organizations associated with major national conservative groups: the antiabortion Massachusetts Citizens for Life, Massachusetts Citizens for Limited Taxation and the Christian conservative Massachusetts Family Institute.

Mr. Romney and a group of his supporters also contributed a total of about $10,000 to a nonprofit group affiliated with National Review. Over the past two years, he contributed $35,000 to the Federalist Society, an influential network of conservative lawyers. And in December 2005, he contributed $25,000 to the Heritage Foundation, a leading conservative research organization.

All of the groups told the Times that Romney had not contributed before.

Sure, you could possibly attribute this to him donating to causes that he believes in, or at least has believed in for a few years.

However, this is the man who bought himself the Governorship of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Nearly 2/3 of his most expesive campaign in state history came from his own pocket.

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