Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why the Voucher Referendum is about HB 148 and not HB 174

There has been much back and forth about whether the voucher referendum will do any good. SLCSpin has been asking why the refernedum is seeking repeal of HB 148 and not HB 174.

Davis Didjeridu has the answer.

Basically it's because HB 174 passed with more than 2/3 majority of both the house and the senate, and the Utah Constitution and state code don't allow for referendum if more than 2/3 majority has happened.

Also, HB 174 was signed by the Governor (and therefore became law) on March 6, which was six days after the legislature adjurned. Statute says that a petition for referendum has to be submitted within 5 days. A petition for referendum cannot be filed until a bill becomes a law.


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