Thursday, April 19, 2007

800: What can you do to help the blogging community?

I've been asked a question several times by people when they find out I'm a blogger. Some of them are fellow bloggers, but many are people who are not blog writers, but read many blogs.

The Question?

What can I do to support the blog community, and individual bloggers?

The Answer is simple:

1. Click on advertising. Whether it's GoogleAds or Adbrite, we only get paid if you click our ads. We know we aren't going to make money at this thing, but would we post ads if we didn't think that a little cash would be nice now and then? So, when you are done reading, click on an ad.

2. Advertise. Several blogs offer the opportunity to advertise for dirt cheap rates on their blogs. If you own a business, consider advertising on the blogs you read.

3. Comment. Sometimes, just a "good job" or an "Amen" makes us smile. Actually, even an "You're an idiot" would be nice on occasion.....

After 800 posts, I deserve to at least be called a moron once in a while...



JM Bell said...

Good Job, Bob
Amen, Bob
You're an idiot, Bob

There ... Happy now?


DME said...

Triple Amen! It's good to see your comments as well.