Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mitt Romney's View on America's biggest challenge

YouTUBE has started inviting a different Campaign each week to ask a question of YouTubers. The first candidate was Mitt Romney. Several people turned the tables and asked him what HIS position was.

His response?


Yep. Selling the fear card. Not the deficit. Not poverty or jobs. Not even playing the morals card.

He plays the terrorism card.


P.S. If Jihad is America's greatest challenge, isn't it partly to be because George W Bush has effed up the War on Terror?


youdontgetit said...

yeah...those issues you mentioned are much more important than getting rid of people who want to cut your throat because you're not muslim.

1. the deficit.

What? Who the hell cares.

2. Poverty or jobs.

It is not the governments' role to ensure everyone has an equal distribution of wealth and has a job! That's called communism. And we know how well that has played out.

Romney rocks. He is the only candidate that doesn't regurgitate the same old nothing-issues that you mentioned.

Illegal immigration. Now that might be something the government has a right to put its nose into.

Bob said...

Oops, looks like I posted the wrong video....

Oh, and you SHOULD care about the deficit. If China ever decides to recall it's debt, We'd have to turn over every piece of military equipment, as well as all the land in the National Park System.

And we'd still be in debt.

Let's face it, China owns us.

I'll have the correct video up in a jiff.


James said...


I'm 100% with you on this one. This is the most tragic thing about the Romney campaign for me.

I wanted to support him. Then he went and hired a bunch of the same people who have been advising Bush to get him up to speed on "national security" and surprise, suprise... this garbage.

I think he's doing an OK job on "being a Mormon" in general but I can't in good conscience vote for him.

The thing that really disturubs me is that of all the candidates Romney has the strongest background to be able to see clearly on these issues. Especially with what happened with his Dad's campaign.

Maybe you've read my "Why is Mitt Romney such a Warmonger?" musings. ( I still feel the same way.