Monday, April 16, 2007

Gun Control, Virginia Tech, and Trolley Square

In case you hadn't heard (I just barely did), There was a massive shooting today at Viginia Tech, with 32 people dead and 29 wounded.

Both side of the gun control issue are jumping all over this. Especially the pro-gun people.

It appears that Virginia Tech had a very strict gun control poicy. Some people are saying that "maybe, just maybe, if somebody on the inside just had a gun...."

Which is crazy.

On February 12 of this year, it is very concieveable that more people than an off-duty cop legally had a gun. Yet, only one pulled it out. He was unable to completely stop the shooter until more help arrived. Don't get me wrong, he is a hero. He not only risked his life from the shooter killing him, but risked his life from SLPD killing him, thinking he was one of the shooters. Or, maybe from annother CCP holder firing at him for the same reason.

However, I do agree that having a no-gun policy doesn't work when there's nobody to enforce it. Many sports venues have a no weapons policy, but only rarely do they do more than a quick check for any weapons being carried in. Same with many schools.

Like Virginia Tech.


Local blogs on Virginia Tech:

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Irrational Optimism: "Virginia Tech University already had the strictest gun control possible and it could easily be argued that such a policy exacerbated the problem."

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