Monday, April 16, 2007

Send a Postcard to Senator Bennett about taxes

When Senator Bennett was first elected to the United States Senate, one of his campaign promises was that he would see to it that we would simply send the IRS a postcard to let them know our tax status.

For 1040 isn't exactly postcard sized. Even form 1040EZ isn't.

So, to remind Senator Promise of this yet unfulfilled promise, I will be sending him a postcard:

Dear Senator Bennett:

I just thought I'd let you know that I paid my taxes again this year. In 1992, you promised that we would be able to send in our taxes on a postcard. That still hasn't happened.

Just Thought I'd Let you know.



Reach Upward said...

During my 13-year tenure at the IRS, the tax code doubled in size. We are never going to the fantasy land of tax-filing-on-a-postcard because our federal legislators garner substantial power from wrangling with the tax code -- using it to give favors or for social engineering.

Last week I blew five hours working through the tax implications of a single (small) investment made by my parents a dozen years ago. You'd think a former tax professional could whip through his retired parents' return in nothing flat. Well, I did -- except for all of the idiotic rules surrounding this investment and figuring out how much of their pensions are taxable.

I cringe when I hear a politician talking about "tax simplification," because that is code for, "The amount of time it takes to figure your income tax just went up."

pramahaphil said...