Monday, May 21, 2007

Cheese on a Plate

When asked whether the Jazz were still motivated to win, having already exceeded expectations (this was before yesterday's loss), AK47 said "We're always hungry. I never won a championship. I want to win. It's tough to do. Nobody said it's going to be cheese on a plate." (Jazz Notes)

The Cheese expert who lives in my basement is in Canada this week, so I am unable to ask him how easy cheese on a plate is.

Maybe Alton Brown can tell me. He's the star of one of my favorite TV shows called "Good Eats." Yes, it's a cooking show. However, it's more about the science of cooking than just giving you recipies. And, it's funny.

I recently found this DVD set for the show. The set consists of 27(!) DVDs, so I'd be entertained for months! It only costs $250, and Christmas is in only 7 months....



Oldenburg said...

Reporters should never interview Andrei or Memet unless they want a good laugh.

Those two usually just try to parrot sports aphorisms like "one game at a time" but some times, out comes cheese on a plate. It's hard you know.

[For the record, Andrei speaks Russian and Memet speaks Turkish, neither Chinese]

derekstaff said...

Alton Brown: That's a great cooking show. I wish the library had the DVDs so I could watch (we don't do cable).

JM Bell said...

I prefer Tyler's Ultimate and, of course, Giadia's Everyday Italian. I could watch her cook all day.

Shaun said...

Having returned from canada I think I can comment on this now.

I think the phrase he was looking for was "cheese in a can". To back up this supposition I will now direct you to The makers of Easy Cheese.

If cheese is going to be easy it has to be in a can. The trademark says so.

In contrast, there is nothing easy about cheese on a plate unless someone else put it there. At this point, however, you run the risk to easily taking cheese that belongs to someone else.

Once you have to worry about buying, slicing, and presenting cheese on said plate it all becomes very complicated indeed.