Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lack of National Guard members in country hampers disaster relief

Usually, when a disaster happens, you have some major groups move into the affected area to help out.

~The Red Cross and LDS Church provide supplies and cleanup manpower.
~The Salvation Army bring in supplies to feed people, especially the releif workers.
~The National Guard brings in equipment and manpower for Search, Rescue, and Recovery effort, as well as security and cleanup operations.

However, the National Guard hasn't been involved in helping with some of the tornados in the midwest as they usually are.

It's because the troops and their equipment are in Iraq.

Homeland Security does not just mean securing ourselves from Orrin Hatch's "armed groups from Latin America," but for proving essential services when the chips are down.

Besides, if we can't do simple things like that, how can we secure the homeland from outside influences?