Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Politics can be FUN(ny) sometimes....

From Utah for Obama:

On the way home from the Organizing Meeting, Jenee and I were riding in my Jeep with the top off. We wound up behind a vehicle with a bunch of liberal bumper stickers, including an oval one that said "Obama" and had some unreadable text below that. I happened to have 1 extra bumper sticker with me, and made a joke about giving the driver a "real Obama bumper sticker". We wound up stopped behind her at a left turn light that had just turned red, so Jenee jumped out of the Jeep and ran up to her and told her "here, you need a bigger one". She said the lady looked surprised at first, then smiled and laughed, saying "thank you". I wouldn't say this should be a normal way for us to connect with Obama supporters, but it sure was a fun and unusual experience!

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